Federico Foieni

    Training Point

    Il Training Point è un percorso strutturato di attività  e consulenze offerte al careerday in cui ciascuno studente interessato può essere protagonista di una full immersion di esperienze utili alla...
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    JOBOBO There has recently been a launch of a new application that you can download on your smartphone: “Jobobo”. Jobobo srl is a company that offers a service to facilitate...
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    There are often complaints about the labour market. “Today there is no work!”, “I am destined to be unemployed!”, “What a crisis!” it’s true, today, in many ways we are...
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    Internship in Ducati

    The internships, intended for graduates or undergraduates, are one of the main entry channels for Ducati: it is a real “on-hand” experience, a first step to possible inclusion in the...
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