Seminars Catholic Brescia 2018

    These are themed group meetings, or seminars and special events. During these meetings companies present themselves in order to approach the pool of candidates with job offers in their companies, and also stage round tables on specific topics related to the world of employment.

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    Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Design and Human Resources Training | from 9.00 to 10.00 in room Magna Tovini


    • Coordinator Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Design and Human Resources Training
    • Coordinator Three year Bachelor’s degree in Education and training sciences 


    • Felice Scalvini
    • Simona Sandrini
    • Mario Ubiali
    • Giovanni Zampieri
    • Elisa Bara
    • Alessandra Vischi
    The psychology needs and skills required in the territory: voices of public agencies and institutions | From 9.30 to 11.00 in the Bazoli room


      • Bonizzoni Silvia, Head of the Social Services sector, Municipality of Brescia
      • Pirovano Nicoletta, Referent of the consultative functions for the Milanese Public Consultors
      • Pollio CinziaDirector of ISFOR Training and Research at the A.I.B. Foundation
      • Service of Psychology, S. Anna Clinical Institute, Bresciani Hospital San Donato Group

    • Zanola Stefano, Coordinator of family counselling to grow together, Cooperativa Elefanti Volantii

    Antares Vision: technology and innovation for a safer future | From 10.15 to 10.45 in the Magna Tovini room

    Introduction: prof. Alberto Albertini

    Speaker: Emidio Zorzella, CEO di Antares Vision

    Giovanni Rana: a success story
    What is the advice for young people who are building their future? | 11.00 in the Magna Tovini room

    Coordinator: prof.ssa Monica Amadini,  prof. Giovanni Gregorini

    Speaker: Giovanni Rana

    “Why Lidl? Become a protagonist of your success! “| 12.00 in the Bazoli room


    • Gessica Bertolini, Head of Training for the Regional Directorate of Somaglia