About Us

    For People, people come first..

    It is on this basis that People studies and implements innovative ideas and solutions for personnel integration, to improve their work and the impact on the organisations they belong to.

    Who are People:

    People’s story is of professionalism, strategies, employer branding and talent acquisition, training and integration.
    People works alongside universities and the world of education, promoting placement policies and promoting orientation and training activities for new graduates.
    People has linked the university world to companies. Since 1989 they have connected hundreds of thousands of university and non-university talents through formats including: Synesis ForumJob ForumCatholic Career Day.
    People live and breathe their audience. From the ‘tribes’ of young graduates, to the communities of successful executives, interactive with hundreds of thousands of university students and new graduates.

    People communicates through innovative channels and tools that every person uses in their daily life: smartphones, tablets, social media, free press, newsletters, communities, blogs and edutainment platforms.

    People manages the Diversity Day project that promotes the culture of diversity management and job inclusion.

    Finally, in order of time but not of importance, with Agriculture in 2012, People started a project to publicise the professions and solid opportunities that the green economy can bring to the work and life of every person.

    In 2016 People brought the luxury world to Career Day, with the new format of Talent for Excellence:

    “Single job day, by invitation, entirely reserved for the brightest young people coming from the best Universities and Schools of Higher Education, who aspire to meet the most prestigious brands at an international level.”