Conferences & Seminars


    These are themed group meetings, or seminars and special events. During these meetings companies present themselves in order to approach the pool of candidates with job offers in their companies, and also stage round tables on specific topics related to the world of employment.

    It is possible to review the conference programme without registering on the site. In order to attend, registration is mandatory, in order to allow companies to understand what kind of audience they will face. Once the maximum capacity of the classroom has been reached, the registrations will pass on to a waiting list. If someone cancels the next person on the waiting list is notified that they can now have a place.

    Subscribing to presentations is also an opportunity to introduce yourself to companies that will see the list of their subscribers, and their CVs.
    For this, a tip: do not sign up for an initiative and then desert it. In this way, you could send the company a negative message about your professionalism and organisational capacity.