There has recently been a launch of a new application that you can download on your smartphone: “Jobobo”. Jobobo srl is a company that offers a service to facilitate the meeting between supply and demand for occasional jobs.

HISTORY The birth of the company is actually only the maturing of a path that has its roots in the cloisters of the Milanese universities, where over the years a network of mutual aid has been developed in the search for occasional work. The crisis situation has been increased by the general urgency of contributing personally to the costs of the studies. In this way, both working and studying, some very interesting professional relationships have established which were worth keeping an eye on. This is why the journey began to try and put employers who are looking for young people, in the same boat as students looking for work. This is a fast moving journey: at the moment the app provides users with a personal page from which to monitor day by day offers.

HOW IT WORKS Through a simple registration, the system stores the qualities of each possible candidate, taking into account the work which the person considers themselves most suitable to do. On the home page of each user appear all the offers that take into account his preferences. The user can apply with just one click. It is then left to the management of the service or the employer to contact and, if necessary, further select the candidates.

USP “The peculiar characteristic of Jobobo – says Lorenzo Carnovale, CEO of Jobobo – is its own programmatic index: the creation of a work community. This means that as an app it is designed specifically to generate sharing among the participants, that they share offers and job searches, and this is based on the conviction that the working environment and working relationships between people are a key factor in the success of any employment. The starting point is the large number of young scholars in need of work. Jobobo goes into the field precisely to facilitate the search for occasional jobs, providing users with a calendar with which to organise their availability and delivering tailor-made offers, case by case”.

EVALUATION Through an evaluation system every worker will receive a useful review, then, if confirmed, they will be given the opportunity to create their own small team of trust for hospitality and catering events.

For more information visit the site and download the application!

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